Executive Team

Meet the Executive Team of Hot Shot Services

Owner – Kim Housholder In 1989 was gainfully employed with a courier company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She had been there for five years working her way up to Office Manager when she was suddenly laid off. After that Kim decided she would never again work for someone else so she started her own business, Hot Shot Services, Inc. concentrating on on-demand courier services during afterhours. She marketed her services to companies that she had worked with for many years as well as cultivating new clientele. Stiff competition did not stop Kim from finding her own niche in the industry. Kim was determined to live by the standard “Never turn down a job”. Since then Hot Shot Services has grown from a small courier operation to a multi-million dollar logistics business with operations across the country. Today Kim’s role has changed to providing strategic direction and guidance that ensures the company’s unique culture by “Saying yes to customers, zero tolerance for bad service, clean, organized warehouses, top notch inventory control and most importantly a professional but fun family environment.”

Executive Vice President – Jackie Jones began her career at Hot Shot Services in November of 2007. For the past 8 years she has continued to climb the ladder of success starting as a Receptionist, becoming a clerk in the Accounting Department, and then being promoted to Operations Manager. In 2014 Jackie was rewarded for her dedication with a promotion to Executive Vice President. As Vice President she has continued to pursue her goals of making Hot Shot Services the best and most successful Transportation, Logistics and Warehousing Company in the Pacific Southwest. Hot Shot Services is grateful for her strength and dedication, and we are excited to follow the future that Jackie has laid out for us.

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