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Kristin Browning-Mezel, CEO


Or are you excited about some of the new things that are underway?  The fact is, all of us react differently to change.  As a company we’ve discarded old practices, methods and systems in hopes of growing our efficiency.  We’ve also adopted new technology.  This is where some of you roll your eyes and say, ‘Ugh, why do we have to use that.’ Most of the rumblings I hear about these days are related to our new technology frontier therefore, this month I’d like to help you understand why we have to use that.

Like it or not, our industry has been completely transformed by technology which requires us to accept, process, and track everything we do- electronically.  Additionally, society is quickly becoming one where email and telephone are being abandoned for more real time, social communication tools—texts and social media (Facebook, Twitter SnapChat, Instagram).  In order to thrive as human beings and as a company, we must adapt to these new technologies.   Here are the technologies we are implementing and why I think they are critical to our success:

  • Smart Phones for Package Tracking and POD- gone are the days of paper my friends.  Every time we must touch an order, we add cost and reduce profit.  Each and every independent contractors will be utilizing a Smart Phone in the future so that we can save our dispatch teams valuable time.
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP)- growing up Ma Bell was a necessary evil in the world of telephones.  Today, phones that transmit over our Internet systems are being implemented to save businesses money.  These newer phone systems allow us to eliminate fax machines, get voice mail via email and many other productivity features. Less printing, less paper=lower costs for HSS.
  • Yammer- real time cross-organizational conversations are now possible using collaboration tools such as Yammer.  This tool allows us to recognize one another publicly, ask business questions, share information and get to know our team members near and far.  With Microsoft’s recent purchase of Yammer will make this tool even more integrated in our current software.  Using Yammer allows us to decrease email and increase communication. Less email means we have lower IT cost.  Best of all, Yammer is free!!
  • Twitter and Facebook-experts estimate that up to 50% of company marketing dollars are spend on social media.  More and more people do business via the Internet in fact most of our inquiries come from Google searches.

So each and every HSS employee must look for ways to let go of ‘the paper’ and some of our less efficient approaches to embrace these new forms of technology.  I encourage you to ask, what am I waiting for?

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