Hot Shot Services – Delivery Services

Whatever the priority, Hot Shot Services has delivery and courier solutions to meet your time-sensitive needs.

Small Package Delivery

When you’re shipping an important package, you need confidence in the delivery service you’ve chosen. Hot Shot Services is the dependable delivery and courier service of choice. Small package delivery can be crucial to your business. Business clients could be waiting on a diagnosis, waiting on papers that seal the closing of a new home, or other important documents that have a direct effect on both, business and life.

Choices in small package delivery range from hour- maximum, daily, regularly scheduled service, to on-demand service.

When you want peace of mind that your package will arrive to its destination on-time, trust Hot Shot Services and their team of skilled professionals with your delivery needs.


Need a document or package to be received in a short time? Hot Shot Services can courier your parcel into the right hands, on time and within budget.

Messenger and courier services include courier pickup and delivery from city to city, as well as messenger services across town. When your documents have a deadline that can’t be missed, trust Hot Shot Services to meet your goals.

Trust Hot Shot Services as your provider for courier and messenger services for your urgent, time-sensitive business needs. Choices in courier and messenger services range from hour- maximum, daily, regularly scheduled service, to on-demand service. HSS offers messenger and courier service for the Albuquerque and Phoenix area. We offer one and two hour delivery.


Hot Shot Services uses premium software designed specifically for the Courier, Messenger, Logistics and Warehousing Industries. It features a very easy to use online ordering system, a powerful tracking tool, and an automatic email notification. This software gives our customers the ability to control their shipments from start to finish while enhancing efficiency across the board.

Fuel Surcharge

Fuel prices have a direct impact on shipping charges.
Hot Shot Services’ prices are adjusted according to the to meet the rapidly changing prices of fuel.