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Hot Shot Services Fuel Surcharge

Compensation must be adjusted to the rapidly changing prices of fuel. Hot Shot Services, Inc. fuel surcharge is established using the following fuel surcharge formula:

First, the fuel surcharge for the current week will be based upon the previous week’s average fuel costs in their geographic region. Fuel surcharges will be based upon diesel costs (regardless of fuel type equipment actually used).

Second, the cost of fuel will be determined by using the U.S. Government’s Department of Energy website using the U.S. Retail Diesel Prices based on region 5 (west coast). Hot Shot Services will research the DOE website every Monday to determine the current week’s fuel surcharge. http://www.eia.doe.gov/oog/info/gdu/gasdiesel.asp

Third, diesel prices for fuel surcharge considerations will be based on the geographic region of the Customer’s domicile. Example: Customer is based in Boston, MA would be considered as New England region.

Fourth, timing will be as follows; determination of fuel surcharge will be made every Monday and changes will be effective for the following Tuesday through Monday.

Determining Fuel Surcharge Amounts

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