Company History

Beginning in 1989, delivery was the primary focus of the company.  The business flourished, and was able to grow rapidly not through advertisement, but through the positive recommendations from its large base of satisfied customers.

In 1991, Hot Shot Services (HSS) was awarded its first warehouse account, expanding its then current portfolio of services and paving the way to continued growth.  HSS began full warehouse operations in 1992.

MPR Logistics LLC. acquired the company in 2020 and began doing business as Hot Shot Services LLC.  By this time, the Hot Shot’s name had become one of trust and reliability throughout the nation.  Its continuing focus on providing quality service and storage, innovation, and a professional and friendly support staff remains the hallmark of the company’s legacy.

Today, Hot Shot Services is popularly known as a one-stop shop for all logistics needs.  HSS provides warehousing, logistics, inventory management, call center solutions, delivery and courier, reverse logistics, outsourced fleet management, and offers real-time inventory control via its premium logistics software.

With over 1.5 million square feet of total warehouse space and multiple locations throughout the country, Hot Shot Services is uniquely positioned to meet your diverse supply chain needs.